Find Out Where The Best Croissants Are in Paris....According to these Top Paris Food Editors

And the Winner is…

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Oh Paris… the land of love, life and well croissants. Nothing screams I’m in Paris more than an early Morning Croissant and if you are like us, You are trying  to settle the age old score… Who has the best croissant?

Luckily we’ve taken the time and saved you a lot of trouble getting you a head start on the hunt for the best. 

– Try  some tips from these Paris Food Experts and get a jump start 


Lindsey Tramuta

Lost In Cheese Land

One of the few, the proud, the foodies… Lindsey’s spent a substantial amount of time exploring the city and all things in it. Over time her expertise has evolved and she’s never one to shy away from the thrill of the chase. One of those chases is who has the best croissant. Explore her views and see if you agree.

Check Out her Instagram  here to get a better feel of her croissant vibes.



Kat Walker, Editor


Some people argue with friends about who has the best… Kat Walker has been on TV for it … One of the go-to curators of all things Paris, Kat has lists for days of the best of everything French  … luckily the list for Paris’ best croissants is right here

And as most people want to know, you can of course follow her Instagram or find her directly at PARIS DEFINED MAGAZINE

Meg Zimbek

Paris By Mouth

Meg Launched a newsletter in May 2022 and has already amassed over 22k followers. Her newsletter covers a wide array of Parisian topics and luckily for us one of them is croissants. Follow her IG or find her website here.