Instagrammable And *Not* The Eiffel Tower

It’s time to update that profile picture, no?

Everyone loves a beautiful Eiffel Tower photo and for Paris virgins, it’s obviously a must-see. We won’t deny you that. But if you’re looking to add some spice to your Instagram feed to make all your followers go “ooh la la” in instant envy, there are quite a few other places to snap a shot.

Photo curtesy of @chezjulienparis

Rue des Barres in the 4th arrondissement

This is hailed as one of Paris’ most beautiful streets. It’s so narrow that most cars don’t dare drive down it, so it’s the perfect spot to wander and get pictures without all the extra street clutter. Plus, if you’re a Gossip Girl fan just around the corner is a popular lunchening location, Chez Julien, where B and S enjoyed a meal. Trés chic. If you’re looking for another narrow street to squeeze into, Rue des Chantres is only four meters wide. Maybe lay off the croissants before heading down that street.

The pastel homes of rue Cremieux in the 12th arrondissement

While becoming increasingly more popular in recent years, the colorful houses of this Parisian street are guaranteed to make any Instagram photo pop. You’ll feel transported to another part of the world (or even into a fairytale), as this neighborhood doesn’t reflect the classic Haussmannian architectural style of Paris. But make sure you keep in mind this is a residential area, so don’t be a tacky tourist. Keep the noise to a minimum and abide by residential requests if they don’t wish for their home to be photographed!

The Montmartre Carousel

Located in the 18th arrondissement, this carousel is one of many in Paris perfect for a picture. It has two (TWO!) levels of painted horses to ride, or if you’re easily queasy like myself, just watch it go ‘round and ‘round in amazement while sipping on an espresso. Plus Montmartre has many more gems to explore and photograph, from quaint cafés to a sinking house it’s an Instagrammer’s dream location.

Hôtel de Ville

A beautiful backdrop AND a place of public uprisings, what better place to take a photo than where heretics were burned at the stake (no? Is that just me?). While the plaza does have a history of doom and gloom (think murderer’s being murdered and noblemen decapitation), it currently is a place of festivals, ice-skating, and the occasional (cough cough… often) political protest. Regardless, the architecture is stunning, and despite being burned down during a revolt (see!) in the late 1800’s, it was restored to its original beauty a few years later. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is not a place you can book a room for your upcoming holiday.

Palais Garnier

Grab your tickets and your best dress because Place de l’Opéra is a place of opulence inside and out. With nearly 2,000 seats, all your besties can come with you to a night at the opera– just try not to trip on all the stairs of the grand staircase (unless you’re asking for some major Jason Derulo falling at the Golden Globes vibes). And if you’re not a fan of (or let’s be real, can’t afford) the finer things in life, the outside of the building is just as beautiful and a great excuse to snap a picture of that ballgown you bought on a whim after binging Bridgerton.