I Like Them Old, So Paris is My Spot

A little worn and weathered never hurt.

I like old things. Aged cheeses that make your nose crinkle. Old buildings. I had a phase with older guys (but let’s be honest, still in that phase). One day, I’d like to settle down in an old French classic house with black and white photos framed on the walls, but for now a fling with a vintage leather jacket will have to do.  

There’s just something special about old things. Vintage clothes = next level. Old books? Have that great smell that reminds you that knowledge is infinite (or is that just me?). The great thing about Paris is that it’s a mix of old and new. You can walk down the street with your heavy bags after shopping the hottest trends and trip on that old-ass loose cobblestone that has been there since the 11th century. But not every old thing in Paris is out to scuff your shoes, here are some antique aspects of Paris you just can’t miss.

Not into old clothes, but still love buying old things? Paris is home to many antique stores, and if you’re in the market to refurnish your flat with a Régence style desk then Paris’s Village Saint Paul in the fourth district is the place for you. But if you’re an overseas traveller and lugging a large piece of furniture around isn’t the move, there are a good selection of antique stores on Quai Voltaire to browse that offer smaller finds. Or check out the Saint Ouen Flea Market, the largest in the Paris region.

Now this one might not be for the faint of heart, but if you like well-preserved, long dead objects, make your way to Deyrolle, a taxidermy shop. This place is crazy interesting, and if you’re not in the mood to buy a stuffed animal (same), it’s still an amazing place to walk around.

If your ideal aesthetic is large stained glass windows and ornate decoration, you’d be delighted to discover Paris was the birthplace of the gothic style. And while many old buildings have been lost to the years, there are a few special places you can still visit that’ll be older than your great-great-great grandparents.

If you’re the type to shop ‘til you drop, broaden your horizons to include chic vintage clothes. Not only is it sustainable fashion (you’re welcome earth), it’s the best way to snag the cutest looks no one else has.

Who doesn’t love mixing the old with the new? A great way to marry the two is to watch that latest blockbuster movie in a vintage theater. Cinéma du Panthéon has been in operation for over 100 years and doesn’t disappoint. You’ll get to experience old cinema vibes without sacrificing your love for full-color, Timothée Chalamet period pieces. Plus, if you’re really into the experience, they offer many old films to view.