Going Out In Paris Vs. Your Hometown

Did someone say shots?

Ditch that binge-drinking attitude we know you’ve been harboring since high school: you’re in Paris! For many reasons, one of which could be the fact that France’s drinking age is lower than the US’s, Parisians tend to spend their sweet time consuming their beverages. Where you may ask? That is where our two vastly different drinking cultures can come together.

Of course there are countless beautiful bars and restaurants to visit in Paris, and they will fulfill all of your wildest dreams (while simultaneously emptying your wallet), but you can also feel just as at home by spending an evening in your local Parisian dive bar.

Just like the countless hometown or college bars that welcomed you in with their daily deals and cheap spirits, you can find something similar in the streets of Paris; as long as you know where to look.

Here’s a heads-up: if you’re ballin’ on a budget, steer clear of le premier arrondissement. You’ll need a whole new budget for that neighborhood.

Le Requin Chagrin

If there’s any hope of staying out late, add this location to you list for the night. Cheap drinks and a cozy bar will bring you in and make you stay. Just don’t rely on the metro to get you home past 1 am.

10 rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris, France | Métro: Place Monge (l. 7)

Chez Georges

If you’re craving wine, stumble your way to this hidden gem in Saint-Germain-de-Pres. We know, the neighborhood looks swanky, but this place will keep you on budget. Trust us, the line is worth it.

11 rue des Canettes, 75006 Paris, France | Métro: Mabillon (l. 10), Odéon (l. 4&10)

Le Caveau des Oubliettes

When your soul needs some jazz, as everyone’s does at some point or another, head to this 5th Arrondissement hideout and quench your thirst; figuratively and literally. If you’re out before 9 on a Sunday, head to the basement to await your musical evening. This isn’t Paris’ oldest jazz club for nothing.

52 rue Galande, 75005 Paris, France | Métro: Cluny-La Sorbonne (l. 10), Gare de Saint-Michel Notre Dame (l. 4)

Café A

Do you have a thing for drinking al fresco? Here’s your answer! This hidden courtyard may not make for the most authentic Parisian dive bar, but it will make for a great day in the sun, or night under the Parisian sky. Concerts, movies, food, and drink are waiting just around the corner: you just have to find this place first.

148 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris, France | Métro: Gare de L’est (l. 4, 5&7)

The Auld Alliance

If you’re really missing home, and if by home, you mean a Scottish pub with lots of beer, come on in to The Auld Alliance. With virtually no Parisians and many english speakers, you can let your voice rise to its natural decibel without drawing glances. Just don’t get sucked back into the American drinking habits too quickly. You probably have things to do tomorrow that would go much smoother without a throbbing headache.

80 rue Francois Miron, 75004 Paris, France | Métro: Saint-Paul (l. 1)