Ratatouille is the Best Movie Made Based in Paris

And other honorable mentions, if I must.

If you take the best aspects of life (i.e. romance and food) and put them in an animated film, you’d get Ratatouille. This 2007 Disney film has all the makings of a classic: a great story of triumph, a family coming together, and a character arc so pure it truly is *chef’s kiss.* Plus, it’s based in the best city in the world, Paris. And if that isn’t enough to convince you it is the best, it basically has a cult following on TikTok. The pandemic has brought about a lot, but not much can surpass a musical remake of a truly fantastic movie. We were truly blessed.

Plus, the restaurant Gusteau’s is based on has a bit of an iconic past. La Tour d’Argent is most known now for its pressed duck (not it’s ratatouille, unfortunately) and for possibly being the oldest restaurant in Paris (this cannot be confirmed nor denied). Celebrities of the highest rank such as Marilyn Monroe and the Queen Elizabeth II of England have graced its floors. They even had a little scuffle with the Nazi’s during the second World War. And like any true-blooded Parisian dining, its cellar has shelves and shelves of wine. We’re talking in the thousands, 350 thousands to be exact. But you basically have to be a millionaire to eat there, or have a really solid saving technique to afford their 1000 euro plates. So spend at your own risk.

Photo curtesy of @latourdargentparis

But if Ratatouille isn’t your cup of tea, here are other movies to watch to lose yourself in The City of Lights:

If you’re still on the animated film grind: Anastasia (1997) or The Aristocats (1970)

If you’re looking to live vicariously through others’ romance: Moulin Rouge! (2001) Or Paris When It Sizzles (1964)

If you want to see some action in Paris: Charade (1963) or Inception (2010) or Taken (2008)

And if you feel like crying while watching a three hour long musical: Les Miserable (2012)

Bonus: there’s even a Les Miserable tour, so if these movies weren’t enough to satiate your Parisian hunger, discover Paris for yourself.