Guilty Morning Pleasures to Indulge in Paris

It never hurts to treat yourself.

We all know one of the greatest pleasures in life is hitting that snooze button. But what if, just this once, you wake up early to discover all that Paris has to offer in the wee hours after sunrise. Because let me tell you, there’s much to indulge in.

Enjoy the Trocadero

Drag that booty out of bed before the sun comes up and enjoy a morning coffee on the Trocadero to watch the sunrise. Either pop that k-cup in your Keurig or mosey on over to a local café like Café du Trocadero. You only live once, so you can sacrifice your beauty sleep for a day. Plus, it gives you an excuse to bring along your fluffiest blanket to snuggle into.


We haven’t forgotten about the coffee snobs either. If the only thing you can muster to enjoy in the morning is a steaming latte, there are plenty of local cafés to satiate your espresso addiction. Grab a cup at Yellow Tucan in the Marais district and settle into a table to watch the city of Paris come to life.


Two words: savory waffles. Like, can breakfast get any yummier? Tempt your hunger with a quick rundown of the best breakfast food in Paris, and then gobble them up for yourself. 

Open Markets

Parisian markets open early. But they’re some of the best places to people-watch, purchase unique trinkets and vintage threads, and find that perfect crackling bread you’ll eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here are some sunday markets to explore in Paris.

Hit up the Patisseries

If waffles for breakfast weren’t enough to satisfy your carb intake for the day, the patisserie’s and boulangeries Paris has to offer are some of the world’s best. Grabbing an array of eclairs, croissants, and macaroons and cozying up for a late-morning in is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Turn on the TV (or if you’re feeling particularly luxurious, the crackling fire) and just stay in. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Photo Curtesy of @yellowtucan