For When You Want To Wrap Your Body In Expensive Things

Full send ahead, baby.

Lingerie has finally found its place beyond the satin sheets of the bedroom as a staple base to any chic outfit. And who is there to thank for this fashion boost but the French girls who decided a silk camisole belongs under a blazer and out in the city. While much more effort is required than rolling out of bed in last night’s sleepwear and into a jacket and stilettos, starting with simple, chic, and undeniably french lingerie brands to find your pieces makes it easy.

Photo curtesy of @eres
Photo curtesy of @eres

Simone Perele

What’s more liberating than an undergarment that’s made to embrace the natural curves (and lunch’s lasting bread bloat, let’s be real) of a body? Madame Simone Perele envisioned a world where women embraced their natural shape, and in 1948 launched a Parisian lingerie brand of exquisite elegance and meticulous design. Every set is inspired by art, culture, and travel and comfort is never sacrificed for style because each set simply has both. The Cassi Bralette is a particular favorite with its delicate embroidery and sexy sheer mesh, it’s a bralette that is dying to go out with you.


Designed for the modern woman, Eres boasts everything from dainty sleepwear to full lace bodysuits (we’re talking about ankle to neck ladies, and yes, I will be purchasing). The branch established in 1968 by Irène Leroux pioneered the use of Lycra and produced swimsuits year-round. Plus, the brand’s activewear collection is a special mix of feminine and don’t-you-dare-approach-me-as-I’m-working-out vibes perfect for le gymnase. It’s safe to say that the variety Eres offers is not to be outdone by the quality of their pieces.

Maison Lejaby

Maison Lejaby has been a house of craftsmanship since 1930. Their expertise and respect for tradition in corsetry and lingerie has propelled them to the top of the high-end French lingerie brand tower, and with continual innovation in fabrics and precision cuts they maintain their queendom. Just wearing one of their rosy french lace sets under your running-to-the-corner-store jeans and t-shirt will make you feel like a woman ready to take on the world (and perhaps later the bedroom).


For over 140 years (bonjour experts!) the Groupe Chantelle founded by François Auguste Gamichon has been busting out bustiers for the everyday woman. Chantelle and its sister brand Passionata are two of its lingerie brands serving stylish Parisienne design and everyday comfort and fit. Chantelle claims the title as the first brand to market corsets made with flexible elastic (this just in! Women can finally say goodbye to whale bones!)(Not to mention those poor whales do not need to suffer to keep my pudge in).

Yasmine Eslami

A real lingerie connoisseur, Yasmine Eslami has an IMPRESSIVE resume. Prior to launching her brand in 2010, she worked with Vivienne Westwood in London (!!!) and has ties to (now current competitor) lingerie brand Eres. With a focus on making women feel beautiful in their natural shape, she released her eponymous collection inspired by the women in her life and those she’s met while traveling. So from here forward, I will be trying for a casual run-in to have a pair of panties styled after me.

Lise Charmel

Synonymous with elegance, Lise Charmel is a French lingerie brand renowned for its savior-faire and high-end ev-ry-thing. From its craftsmanship to its artistic designs, they have pioneered a brand of luxury. Not to mention, their size inclusivity has led them well into the modern fashion industry because all mammaries deserve luxury and lace and cute colors too.